The logistics of running a Starbucks while under construction

Watching the logistics of how a Starbucks stays open during construction is fascinating and speaks volumes towards “organizational resilience”.

In terms of how orders take place, they operate a drive thru where all customers are pedestrians. It’s about as straightforward as it sounds.

Of special interest is the physical arrangements.

They put a few more chairs on the patio to accommodate folks.

They brought in TWO porta potties (and keep them pretty clean).

They brought in a few more umbrellas.

They have three 53 foot storage containers stashed by the front door, and use one like a ready dry good storage.

They have bakery trays (like these) to bring baked goods into the store.

They ferry ice in from an ice maker around the corner of the building.

And they operate as smooth (if not smoother) than any Starbucks I’ve been at, construction or not.

Could your company survive with their main facility under construction?

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