How to pass variables to ActiveModel Serializers from the controller

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Emotions in the workplace

We often use the word “emotional” as if it’s a bad word, especially in the workplace.
When people cry at their desks or explode in laughter in a meeting, they’re often immediately written off as being “unprofessional.” Why? Because emotions aren’t clear-cut, they make things seem messy.

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2016 Cleveland GiveCamp

Two weeks ago, I was given the chance to give back to our community at the 2016 Cleveland GiveCamp. GiveCamp is a annual event where ~200 programmers and designers get paired with a collection of non-profit organizations to help with their technology needs. Most often, that means a website that allows for donations, contact forms and photo galleries of what the nonprofit does. This was my 5th GiveCamp – I attended in 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015 and (now) 2016.

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